LAST UPDATE 25/11/15


The family tree of
our champion, from
great-grandparents to today

That's Just It Di Casa Biagini

Energy Black Ball Di Casa Biag

Tweedledumheavil Hopped

Evita Di Casa Biagini

Malomkozi X Treme

Baby Bessie Di Casa Biagini

Mallorn's Aintmizbehavine

Tweedledumbrown Heazel

Malomkozi X' Treme

Baby Bessie Di Casa Biagini

Trendmaker's Scandinavian Dina

Mustang Bumblee Bee

Honeydark Full Black

Crownwood Baby Charme

Mollor's Shenandingan

Boothgate Miz Showbusinnes

Tweedledum Cryspy Duck

Buttacrebeloved Bessy

Trendmaker's Scandinavian Dina

Mustangbumblee Bee

Honeydark Full Black

Crwnwood Baby Charme

Umaniora's Eager Beaver

Tjotte's Trendy Cone

Trendmaker's Take Five

Newinn May Rain

Sunnbrook's Knight Of The Moon


Attikonak Cover Your Best


List of all the health
checks performed on
our champion
National and inter-
national prizes of
our champion
Litters that our cham-
pion has given birth
during his life
No health checks published for this dog
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No litters for this dog
The farm is located into the deep of Maremma, in Tuscany, where the green hills and the clean air tempt you to live surrounded by nature with beautiful animals; beautiful like our labrador that gift us unforgettable moments thanks to their cheerful and lively character...